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Conditioning Salt

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Horses have a need for sodium. In fact, it is the only mineral that they have a craving for and will seek out. For this reason, most owners provide their horses with salt blocks. However, few horses use a salt block well enough to meet their daily sodium needs. Providing your horse with the daily maintenance requirement for sodium in the form of loose salt is the smartest way to keep your horse drinking and hydrated.

Some horses find regular salt caustic and unpalatable. The special patented process through which Show Horse Conditioning Salt® is made coats the salt in oil resulting in a form of salt that most horses actually like.

The oil in Show Horse Conditioning Salt® not only improves palatability but provides a source of fatty acids that promote a radiant coat as-well-as healthy skin and hooves.

Thanks to the unique binding properties of the clay in Show Horse Conditioning Salt®, digestive tract health is also supported. The unique physical structure of bentonite clay traps potential toxins as it passes through the digestive tract removing them before they can negatively influence your horse’s health.

  • Provides daily maintenance source of sodium
  • Encourages drinking and promotes hydration
  • Palatable even to picky eaters
  • Helps support digestive function
  • Removes toxins from the digestive tract
  • Promotes feed utilization
  • Supports a healthy gastric environment

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4 reviews for Conditioning Salt

  1. Verified Buyer

    We have 35 horses in training and feeding electrolytes/salt and oil has always been very important to us to ensure the wellbeing of our horses especially during the summer months. But it is also very expensive to feed a quality product and not all clients understand the importance of it. The conditioning salt gives us all the benefits of an electrolyte and the oil in one convenient and very affordable product. We highly recommend!

  2. Verified Buyer

    I used to feed a high end electrolyte product combined with oil as a top dressing. My horse always looked shiny and in good condition, but after trying Show Horse Conditioning Salt for about a month I had a several people and a judge coming to me at a show and complementing me on her extremely shiny coat and asking what I am feeding! My horse loves it, and it is so much less messy than feeding actual oil.

  3. Verified Buyer

    I’m pleased with the Conditioning Salt. My horse coat went from dull to super shiny in not even a month, and I am buying more because of it!

  4. Jamie

     Good Afternoon Mr David,

    I’ve been feeding it to my 2 weanlings and my broodmare that had colic surgery. Their water intake has GREATLY jumped up, which is SUPER with as hot as it’s been!!!! As we discussed, one of my babies had 2 surgeries before he was 2 weeks old and he didn’t seem to be catching up. i’m pleased to say that he has not only caught up, but has passed up the other baby that is 2 months older!!! i know genetics plays a roll on that, but, before putting him on your product, he just wasn’t progressing. the other filly has really filled out nicely as well!! her dam is known for not having huge babies, this filly is far bigger than any of the previous foals!! i have passed on information about your product to several friends and strongly encouraged them to try it!! i’m definetly a believer !!!

    i can’t thank you enough for allowing me try your product and will be ordering more!!

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